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Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks removal

Stretch marks are a common problem faced by both men and women. They can appear post weight loss/gain and are often suffered by women post pregnancy.Some skin types are more susceptible to stretch marks than others and for some patients the marks can be quite noticeable as raised white or red lines found on the arms, stomach, thighs or breast area. They can be quite unsightly causing the patient not to be able to wear revealing clothes or swimwear.

Many of us also have a scar that we would like to reduce the appearance of which are a result of an operation, acne, skin grafting or from an injury to the skin. These scars can be effectively treated reducing redness and their appearance.



Visible improvements from the first 45-minute course of Dermaroller™ treatment.
The treatment is non-invasive with virtually no recovery time necessary; you can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.
Improved confidence due to reduced appearance of stretch marks.
The Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy™ is suitable for all skin tones and types It naturally stimulates the skin to repair itself creating a thicker and healthier appearance
The Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy™ is carried out by our fully qualified Cosmetic Nurses and Aesthetic Practitioners who are specially trained and highly experienced in carrying out the treatment/
Stretch Mark Reduction AFTERCARE



* You may look as though you have sunburn, your skin may feel warm/tighter than usual. This will start to improve over the following 2-3 hours.
* Usually the redness subsides within 24 hours. On occasions the redness can persist for 3-4 days Avoid sauna’s, exercise, hot baths/showers until the redness has gone (this is usually within 24 hours minimum)
* Always make sure that your hands are thoroughly clean when touching the treatment area post procedure. Use tepid water and a non-irritant cleanser to cleanse the face following the treatment, until the redness has gone
* Aloe Vera Gel is recommended post treatment to assist with the redness and warmth in the skin. Continue to use as and when required until the redness has cleared.
* Aggressive Skin Care Products should be avoided until the redness has subsided and it is recommended that makeup is not applied for 24 hours after the procedure.
* Once the redness has resolved, the skin may exfoliate more and feel drier than normal.

* Avoid intensive sunlight exposure and artificial UV exposure for a period of atleast 2-3 weeks after the procedure. Heliocare SPF 50 is recommended on a daily basis during this period and throughout your course of treatments even in the winter/cloudy days. Fake tan should not be applied 10-14 days prior, and 7 days following a Dermaroller treatment.
*For patients with oily skin types/ or prone to occasional acne break outs may experience a break out following a Dermaroller treatment as the deeper impurities in the may need to surface due to increase of cell turnover. Please speak to your treatment specialist to discuss methods and suitable products to help reduce the acne symptoms.
*Some bruise may occur in delicate skin areas, such as around the eye area or forehead following a treatment. If you are generally prone to bruising please speak to your treatment specialist to discuss ways to minimise possible bruising such as using Auriderm XO cream, and avoid contributing causes such as alcohol until the bruising has settled.

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